New Engine 85 by 75TH Anniversary
Saturday, January 25, 2020

Queen Anne-Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Company plans to introduce its newest Engine/Pumper into service by April 2020, which will also mark 75 years since the Company was organized at the end of the war in 1945.  An order was place with Sutphen Corporation, nearly a year ago, for a replacement for the existing 20 year old Engine 85.  Features specified in the order include:

Sutphen Monarch custom chassis
Seating for six (6)  5 SCBA Seats
450 hp Cummins engine
Hale Q-Max 2,000 gpm pump
6 inch rear suction
24 inch front bumper plumbed with  2 1/2 pipe for discharges
1,000 gallon water tank
Williams foam system with 30 gallon on board  tank
6 KW Harrison hydraulic driven electric generator
310 cubic feet of compartment space
1,200 feet of 5 inch supply hose
500 feet of 3 inch hose
2 Rear discharges
2 center crossways 
2 front discharges
2 Akron cord reels each with 200 feet of electric cord
Akron Apollo pre-piped deck gun
The engine will exceed all local required standards for a class A Engine
It will be designated as  E 85
We should take delivery late February with plans to have in service early April


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