William Cooper, Sr.


     The Queen Anne-Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Company is pleased to nominate William (Bill) Cooper Sr. for induction into the Talbot County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association Hall of Fame for the 2011 Calendar year.


Years of Active Volunteer Service


     Mr. William “Bill” Cooper has been a member of the Queen Anne-Hillsboro VFC for 45 years, and of course, is a Life Member of the Company. 


Positions held in the Volunteer Fire and/or EMS Service


     Mr. Cooper has a long history of demonstrated Administrative leadership, having been elected and appointed to the following positions while serving the community as a member of the QAHVFC:


            Past President of the Queen Anne-Hillsboro Vol. Fire Company

            Past Vice-President of the Queen Anne-Hillsboro Vol. Fire Company

            Past Secretary of the Queen Anne-Hillsboro Vol. Fire Company

            Past Treasurer of the Queen Anne-Hillsboro Vol. Fire Company

            Past Member of the QAHVFD Board of Directors

            QAHVFC By-Laws Committee

            QAHVFC Insurance Committee

            QAHVFC Delegate to Maryland State Firemen’s Association Convention

            QAHVFC Delegate to the Kent & Queen Anne’s Co. Vol. Firemen’s Association

            QAHVFC Delegate to the Caroline County Vol. Firemen’s Association

            QAHVFC County License Plate Committee Chairman


III. Association Activies


            Talbot County Representative to MSFA Board of Review

            County Fire Board Delegate

            Secretary to the County Fire Board


IV. Outstanding Service in the local volunteer fire and/or EMS Company, County, State and/or National Associations



            Mr. Cooper is currently holding offices and serving on committees of the Caroline County Volunteer Firemen’s Association.


V. Service to the Community


            Serves on the Caroline County Tourism Board

            Serves as a Commissioner of the town of Hillsboro

            Member of the Loyal Order of the Moose

            Serves as a active member of local political club

            Serves on the 4-H Park Board

            Holds three offices in the local Methodist Church